Oak Flooring

  • Choosing between Oak Flooring and Bamboo Flooring

    Which wood works best for your lifestyle?

    Everybody is aware that engineered oak flooring is a very popular flooring material across the globe. Many prefer this floor because of its natural appearance, earthy tones, and durability to last for a long time. However, in the past decade or so, one of the oldest construction material on the planet has been gaining popularity: Bamboo. Commonly used by inhabitants of Asia and the Pacific region, bamboo has been maneuvering its way into more homes in Europe and the United States.

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  • How to Choose a Suitable Underlay

    Choosing a wood flooring underlay is an often overlooked aspect of buying new floors. A high quality underlay will not only make your floor last longer but will also make the floor easier to install. Underlays are important for all types of flooring from hardwood to engineered oak flooring. Here are some of the different types of underlay for you to chose from.

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  • What you Need to Know when Fitting Two Types of Flooring

    Whether you live in a humid climate or choose to fit wooden flooring into an area that is prone to moisture, such as a kitchen, you may need to incorporate engineered flooring for the structural stability, even if the majority of your flooring is solid wooden flooring. Although this is common, there are pros and cons to having both engineered and solid hardwood flooring within your home.

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  • The Appeal of Oak Wooden Flooring

    Oak flooring is one of the leading varieties of wooden flooring today. Amongst the array of wooden species and flooring materials available, people often question: how has oak prevailed as the leader in wooden flooring?

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  • Want a Darker Floor?

    Choosing a single colour for your wooden flooring is difficult, especially when flooring trends often come and go. If you once had a lighter floor and now desire darker flooring, then there are numerous of options to achieve darker flooring within your space.

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  • How to Make Small Wooden Flooring Repairs

    Did you know that you don’t always need to completely refinish your floors? Sometimes some light repairs can fix the damage and leave your wooden floors as good as new.

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  • Meet the Founder and Owner of Easy Step Flooring

    Easy Step Flooring is a privately owned company based in Heathrow specialising in solid oak flooring. Shabir Bashir is the Founder and Owner of Easy Step Flooring, and he sat down to answer a quick Q&A about his experience in the industry.

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  • What Does Having A Solid Oak Floor Really Mean?

    Did you know that most of your oak flooring is supplied right here in the UK?

    These days, the complicatedjargon and enormous selection of flooring make the process of choosing a type of floor a real challenge. To make this process a bit easier, here are some facts about solid oak flooring that you should know.

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