Engineered Flooring

  • What is High-End Flooring?

    It can be difficult to decide what type of floor to install or how much to invest in order to get a good return on investment. Everyone knows that wood floors can add tremendous value to your property, but what types of wood flooring will provide me the long term value? What exactly is high end flooring? Read along with our blog to find information about what high end flooring is and why it might fit in your home.

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  • What Tone of Wood Suits your Space?

    Without even knowing it, flooring can set the tone of your space. In fact, by simply changing the texture or colour of a floor, you can create a dramatic difference to your interior decor. Follow our blog to determine which tones in wooden flooring will best suit your style.

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  • How is Engineered Wood Flooring Made?

    Many are unaware of the true nature of engineered wood flooring and that it is created the same wood as solid wooden planks. Quality engineered planks are able to offer the same luxury and durability as solid hardwood flooring, so many are often wondering what is the real difference between the two? Follow our blog to find out the components of engineered flooring and how it may be the most suitable flooring option for your space.

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  • How To Recoat your Lacquered Flooring

    One important step of the decision-making process when buying wooden flooring in London will be choosing the right finish for your hardwood flooring. There are many types of hardwood flooring finishes, and one of the most popular is lacquered. Lacquered flooring is favoured for its moisture-resistant qualities that can also stand-up to a great deal of wear and tear.

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  • Everything you Need to know about Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

    Strand Woven Bamboo flooring is an excellent choice for all different living situations because of its extreme durability and exotic beauty. Strand woven bamboo is nearly twice as hard as tradition oak hardwood flooring and thus retains its natural appearance even after much wear and tear. This means pets and kids are not of a concern on this flooring and also perfect for both residential or commercial areas.

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  • What is ‘Water Popping’ and When Do I Need to do it?

    With all of the different flooring terms, concepts can become quite confusing. For instance, ‘water popping’ refers to the process of evenly wetting the finished and sanded wood in order to ‘pop’ the grain. This process can be a bit complicated, as we never advise to get wood wet. Follow our blog to learn more about this concept.

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  • Should I Sand my Floors Myself or Hire a Professional?

    Did you know that you can devalue a floor if it is not sanded properly? At times sanding can be done by you, but other times it must be done by a professional. Follow our blog to find out the ins and outs of sanding your solid oak flooring and when you need to call in a professional.

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  • What are the Categories for Engineered Hardwood Floors?

    Did you know that there are different categories of engineered wood flooring? If you are interested in installing this type of floor, then it is good to know your options. Follow our blog to learn about the four categories of engineered wooden flooring.

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  • Low Gloss versus High Gloss Flooring

    The distinct characteristics between low and high gloss wooden flooring finishes

    A common hurdle people run into while making decisions for their wooden flooring is deciding between a low or high gloss surface finish. This prevails as one of the most difficult decisions since the finish will define the overall character of a space. To relieve this dilemma, follow along our comparative guide which will highlight the differences between high and low gloss finishes for wooden flooring.

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  • There’s More to Flooring Adhesive than Meets the Eye

    Everything you need to know before using an adhesive on your wooden flooring

    Using an adhesive is one of the most common methods for fitting a wooden floor. Since it’s considered one of the simplest types of fitting methods, it is often used without the necessary precautions, which results in long term problems. Follow our blog on everything you need to know before you use flooring adhesives.

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